Khilla Ghanpur – A day of trek and swim

When you mix a trek, with a pinch of caving and scrambling, some thorny spice and to cool it off an awesome lake to swim ..that recipe can never go wrong and would make an awesome trek..This was what a day trip to Khilla Ghanpur gave us.

It was a day trip with a group of 10 people. We started off in a couple of cars to this old Khilla in Ghanpur which comes under Mahaboobnagar. We reached the foot of the Khilla after a couple of hours drive, and started our hike. We would see some steps which would lead us to the top of the hill from where we can break off to hit some boulders.

Initial steps which takes one through the fort.
Path which takes you though the nice green way

This place has some nice caves and rocks to squeeze in and out. It is one amazing place if one, likes to place hide and seek with the rocks. One can see ruins of the fort all over the place. It gives a nice feeling to move around the old walls without much crowd around.

Nice rocks to go and explore

We managed to reach the top rock where one can see an old cannon laid out. It would have been an outpost for the fort. It gives you a beautiful view of the surrounding areas. We took the steps to go up and tried to get down the rocky way. Was fun to jump up and down the boulders and trees to come down.

To go to the top
Old Cannon at the top
View from the top
Feels so good just to sit and watch the view

After a sunny hike it was time to chill out in the waters. There are 2 small ponds between the hills and reaching them was simply wow..the trees were dense, full of thorns and bushes obstructing the way..we had to crawl, slide, squeeze through the greens to make it to the bottom..By the time I reached the bottom of the hill, to the lake, was looking like one porcupine with all thorns sticking out..and it was certainly ouch!

Beautiful pond to swim in

The first lake was small and had a bit of unclean water so we got ourself to the next bigger one which was clean and much beautiful. We had some lunch to stop our stomachs from growling. And then it was time to hit the waters..We took some life jackets and soon all were floating in the pond like some aquatic orange weeds.

Folks swimming

Though I knew how to do some basic swimming in a nice calm swimming pool, this was the first time I was going into a pond where I could not find the ground of-course with a life jacket on..It was scary…I just floated around the rock while others took some dives into the pond from the top..

After some amazing swimming it was time to get out and start back before we loose light..water can always make time fly away..

We got out, cleaned ourself up and started back. This time we took the direct stairs from the pond which leads us to the bottom into the village. In 30mins we were back to the village, got into our cars and waved our hills good bye. Had some amazing dinner, back on our way to end it all. A great trek, good water, amazing company who can match your pace and tasty food. Perfect 🙂 .

Ghanpur Rocks

Overall it was a great place to hang out around Hyderabad, if one wants to do a day trip. It has a good camping option too. And that boys and girls is all about Khilla Ghanpur.


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Siri Appaneni – Technologist, Adventurist, Avid Traveler, Trekker, Founder of goXp a travel and adventure organization.

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  1. manikanta says:

    I like this trek ver very much.. i think this might be the wonderful time i ever spent… going down to touch the ground is like a race among us…. over all it was very very nice trip

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