Yummy Sandwich

After 3 hours of shopping, i was ready to eat anything put in front of me. It was already late in the night and was tired with all the walking. After looking around I found a bandi nearby making some sandwich. I found it some what amazing on how sandwich was being made and how yummy it was.

Easy, tasty, healthy, cost effective and the best part is fast.

Making of the Chat Sandwich:
1.Take 2 bread slices
2.Cut of the hard edges so that only the white middle part remains.
3.Spread some butter onto both slices
4.Mix pudina paste + tomato sauce + pepper + salt and spread onto the bread.
5.Slice tomatoes and Kheera into thin slices and spread onto the bread.
6.You can grill the bread if required.Either you can use a toaster or you can use a pan.
6.Cut the sanwich into small pieces.
7.Put sev,onions on top of the sandwich

Its ready!! Sandwich Chat.

Try it out and tell me how it tastes 🙂


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