My 2009

2009. What an year it has been.

My 2009 has been a very diversified year. It’s an year where I came across the ‘new side of life’ .

The year started with me moving to a new job right on the 1st Jan. New people, a very different sort of company than my previous one. It was a calculated risk I took with this oppurtunity. Unfortunately it took the wrong side and ended up in a negative manner. The later part of the year, also saw me moving to another new company, which for me was the best thing that happened to me in this year.

This year took me to many new places. Have seen a few small places in India like Shiridi, Mahabalipuram, Chennai, Banglore ,Talakona.. and took me to europe again :). I got to see snow for the first time in my life and experience that chilling cold. Unfortunately I could not travel much around europe which would go into my next years to do list. I went on another beautiful trip to vizag.

On a relationship level , this year sucked the most. I lost one of the most imp persons in my life. Unfortunately not everything that happens, is on the positive side. So i take this, as the most worst thing that happened to me in this year. It left lot of spaces and tears. Friends floated away to new places and new lifes. But the people who stood by me in bad times, made me realize some important lessons and I am grateful to them.

This year has been good to me on the financial perspective. My previous company still have to pay me my dues though 🙂 .I got to drive my new car :). Wanted a black sedan from sooooo long.

So I see this year to be a balanced one. Good, on a few aspects and bad in a few. Hopefully my next year would make that few bad things that happened, into good ones. comes the resolutions time..Every year we make some and we all know that they are meant to be broken. And at the end of the year, we hardly remember them :). So here goes the list…

1. Create my own website.
2. Create a new concept blog from one of the many ideas I have.
3. Travel to a few new places.
4. Blog more
5. Be more patient
6. Think of one way which i can follow to support eco friendly cause.
7. Buy an apartment.
8. Learn to play a song on a piano.
9. Think a minute more, before I talk or react..its time to think like managers 🙂
10. Get my hair straightened. This might ,be the first thing I might do this new year.
11.Learn to cook atleast 5 nice recipes.
12.Try my hand at some business venture.

You shall see on my blog to know how many of those have been done.

And finally Happy new year to all.

Have a great year.Every year is a new phase and a new experience.Enjoy every moment of it as once it goes ,it is something which can never come back.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. pritham says:

    well written post..your resolutions list only seems to grow every time[:)]..happy new year to all of us

  2. talkingtota says:

    yeah sai..hopefully i try to complete all of them too 🙂

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