A true story of a poor school boy

Santosh gets up to get ready to go to school .Today he was having his exam .He takes a bath and takes out the only trouser he owns. He notices that it has torn down to a bad extent in the side. He was embarresed to wear it but, he cannot do much as this was his only trouser and his parents cannot afford to buy him a new one. So he wears that and puts his school bag onto the side, so that people wont notice it. He was walking differenly holding his bag onto the side. The school teacher notices this and calls him and when he asked why he was walking that way. Santosh shows the teacher his trouser. The teacher who himself lives on a government salary cannot do much as most of the kids in his school come from such poor families.

This is a true incident which took place in a government school near Hyderabad. The teacher who saw this told me the story and it felt so unfortunate. We throw away so many clothes every year as we are bored of wearing them, or they have grown old. But imagine how they mean to kids like Santosh.

Not new ones, but if you have any old ones which you are no longer using, do send them to me instead of throwing them away or using them to clean stuff. There are many kids in these government schools to whom your old clothes will be a cherished gift.

A few points to note ,
– Do note that these are school going girls and boys from 1-10 class.
– It would be nice if the clothes can be mended, folded properly ,washed if necessary before giving them.

Do send me a mail at talkingtota@gmail.com if you have any unused clothes to pass them on to such kids. I am planning to handover them to this teacher I know, who is going to distribute it around in his school to start with.

For us it would be some old worthless dress, but to these kids it would be worth a smile.


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  1. Harinath says:

    Please give me contact details of the teacher/student.

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