Technology beyond

From the past few days my thoughts were wandering on why I need to sit in front of a computer at my office for so long, why am I attached to a machine like another machine and why i need to open my computer when i need something. I wanted to give software which would be on the palm of your hand and my thoughts got restricted to phone applications and touch based system’s. But seeing the next generation software like “Sixth Sense” my thoughts were pushed into thinking about something beyond touch application.

It’s a true push to technology. One Question it poses is no hard hardware required. So to step into the virtual world, i do not need a phone or computer or any such high device. If i can comunicate with another human with my 5 senses and actions, why cant we do the same with another machine, using the same resources. Why do we need an extra hardware layer between us. Instead, of we trying to tell computers, why cant we train them to speak to us like we do with another human.

This thought is making my neurons run, search and think.

If you are thinking where i got this idea into my head, you gotto look at this buddy, and be prepared to be amazed.



Take pictures with your fingers!!
Your computer screen and phone is your palm!!
Play Video Games on a piece of paper!!


Imagination beyond.

This proves on how little we know and how much we can achieve. This is the next generation computing I am totally looking forward too.

After seeing this, rest all technologies began to bore me and a new passion is growing in me to explore this.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. talkingtota says:

    65 views in less that half day 🙂 ..good to know that people are reading.

  2. govindkrishna says:

    its Amazing.tell me from where this spirit you got.I need as motivation from you.

  3. pramod says:

    Fantastic !!!

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