Up and Down

Life is a mixture of up’s and down’s. I know its a most commom phrase one uses, but one would not know the essence and importance of those words until one experiences both the cases in an extreme manner.

Either career or relationships, its always a mix of highs and lows. So now that they cannot be avoided the question is how one handles it.

One thing I learnt from all my years and something which I always believe in is “Live to be Happy” . Life is too short to live in sadness and something that you dont want to do. Live from your heart. I realized that’s a simple rule I ought to follow.

From the past few months my life has gone up and down like a rollercoaster, so instead of sitting back and thinking why it happened , what could have happned, what I might have done to make others happy , where have I screwed up, I decided to get on and see what can be done next to make me happy. Until one is happy in what they are doing, maybe one cannot make others happy.

One person I truely trust and admire told me yesterday that “Its time you stop thinking about others and start thinking about you”. That made me realize and think a lot.

So to start with I decided to follow a simple rule of gardening, take out all the weeds that are bad from your garden, keep good old ones , and try to plant new ones that would make your garden grow into a beautiful Gadren of Eden for your heart.

As simple as that.

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