Mallela Theertham – The Waterfalls Trek

Trek – Stand under a waterfall – Trek – Jump into a pool – Trek – One more waterfall -Trek – Slide down one more waterfall

This is what Mallela Theertham trek offers us.

Mallela Theertham is a waterfall located in the Nallamala Forest in Nagarkurnool, Telangana. We started off early in the morning towards the Srisailam road from Hyderabad and being monsoons the weather was perfect. Stopped for breakfast in between and hit the road towards Mallapur. After sometime we hit the Ghat road full of monkeys and enter the forest section. One can see a variety of animals while passing through the forest road.

We pass through some Tribal villages before we reach Mallela Theertham falls. We reached the falls and then started towards the stream which cuts into multiple small waterfalls as we go in. I always say the way to do this trek is every fall you see sit under it, enjoy the water and then move forward. After a hot summer this was refreshing and fun.

We were joined by a few monkey friends during lunch which made us to step back from the pond. One thing we should always take care is not to go too deep into the forest and stick to the trails.

Overall are great place to enjoy the forest and falls.

———————————- About the Author ———————————-

Siri Appaneni – Technologist, Adventurist, Avid Traveler, Trekker, Founder of goXp a travel and adventure organization.

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