Sankranthi – Rangoli and Kites

Sankranthi – The festival says Rangoli, kites, yummy food.

The city fills up with markets with girls around colour bandis, boys around kite shops, flowers, fruits, sugarcane, regipallu. But this year this was not the scene in Indian markets. With the rising costs and unaffordable rates, the markets were gone with no customers to buy, shops were not decorated with colorful flowers, sweets which form the core of a festival became a luxury. Ironically India is rising, but with the cost of an Indian’s empty pocket.

But again however the times are, you can never keep one away from a festival right 😉 . These are the little joys we get us going.

So my friends Wish you a very happy Pongal 🙂

Let our days be filled with wonderful colors like the Rangoli…

Let our lives fly high like the free kites in open skies…

Let the air around us be filled with sweetness like the aromatic sweets…

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