A morning at Bhongiri Fort

If one needs a quick half day weekend get away, Bhongiri fort provides a very good ambience. Nice one big hill to hike on the rock, some nice views, clean air. We started off early in the morning, and in a drive of 50 kms we were there.

bhongiri (7)

bhongiri (6)
Climbing up the hill.
bhongiri (5)
View of the surrounding hills from the top
bhongiri (4)
Inside the ruins of the fort.
bhongiri (4)
View of Bhongiri from the top
bhongiri (3)
Fort on the top of the hill
bhongiri (2)
Climbing up
bhongiri (2)
One of the entrance
The Old ruins of the Fort

It’s not much of a tough climb but the beauty of this place is its not very crowded and one can enjoy the peaceful rocks and hills while climbing..

Though its not much of a fort as the name suggests, we will find some old ruins on the top. One can see some nice views of the surrounding areas..

The old ruins of the Fort

Next time you have a morning free and you are in Hyderabad, go hike to this old fort 🙂



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