Wandering Soul – Places I have travelled to and would like to travel to

Time is so short and world is so big.

So many miles to go before I go to sleep..

If one would ask me where do you want to go, I can answer everywhere 🙂 . I want to see all of them. Every tiny village to big city lights,small lakes to vast oceans..all of it.

So a thought crossed my mind to write down what all places I have seen, which is a molecule of what I want to see.

So ,these are the places i have trekked till now,

Paris(France) – City of lights :

The name itself brings a kind of twinkle in me. It is truely one of the most beautiful places on the earth. I read it somewhere that seeing the paris in the night is equal to drinking champagne, you will have the same effect from both and every word it says is true. The city itself is so romantic that it will mesmerize you, flirt with you that you will fall in love with it. This is one place i would love to go back again to.



Irvine(USA) :

It is a city near LA,California. Its a small city.I liked it as it was peaceful and calm. You hardly see people on the streets. When i used to walk to office ,sometimes I would be the only person one can see on the road.

SantaClara/Sanjose(USA) :

Silicon valley. IT companies. Big buildings,lots of Indians (where IT is we see Indians there).A nice place to stay with friends. One can find some big names like Stanford University,Sun microsystems, Oracle ,Intel headquarted over here. Someone can get me a job over there 🙂

Las Vegas(USA) – the Sin city :

It is one of the most amazing places in the world .I never saw so many lights as I saw on the Strip. Casinos,gambling,people..The city wakes up at night and sleeps in the morning.If you have loads of money to spend, LasVegas is the destination.



Kuala Lumpur(Malaysia) :

This city is divided into a new city and old city. Some parts of the old city is like our refined Chennai. But the new city has some beautiful constructions. Lots of tamilians that at some point it would look like a Chennai .Petronus towers is something to see and a nice place to shop.

petronas towers

Vaxjo (Sweden):

Currently while editing this post I am here .  Its like a small town.  It has everything one needs to have a peaceful like . A market ,movies(only swedish though) , some big shopping stores , gym, stadium (lots of sports to play) , nice lakes around where you can spend your day walking (actually lots of lakes) , a big forest (right next to my apt where i take a walk) , pubs (not at all like its indian counter parts, nice peaceful place to end a day with a drink) , nightclubs . A beautiful and clean place . Its cold though but once you are used to the climate you can fit into it.  Checkout my bolg on sweden for more info.


Now coming to my country India.Lots of places to cover so listed it at the end.

Hyderabad (India):

My hometown. A place which has everything that you need. Its a mixture of old and new times. You want to live a fast life its here, you want to live a laid back life its here. I love this place 🙂


Vizag (India) :

A costal city.A small city but nice city to visit.Borra caves,araku are a few notable places to visit over here.For more details see my blog on vizag.

Mumbai (India) :

The financial capital of India. One city in India which never sleeps. This is one city where even at late in the night I could take a walk on the road and still feel safe :).Everyone is here to make a life so i guess no one has time to look at others. Lots of places to visit around.

Gateway of india-mumbai

Chennai (Tamilnadu, India) :

My experience with Chennai was not good.I was there for a few weeks on some office work.I could not stand that climate and fell very sick.It took me nearly 6 months to recover again 😦 .Thats chennai for me.But as a city is very similar to any other south indian city.I like beach, so that is one thing i like about this old city.

Chennai beach

Ooty(Tamilnadu, India) :

This the most recent place i have been to.I was in the clouds :).See my blog on ooty.

Banglore(Karnataka,India) :

The silicon valley of India.Fast paced,young crowd,nice malls.Its like a big IT campus :).After Hyderabad, if i were to move to live in another city it would be banglore.

Mysore (Karnataka,India) :

The city of palaces.See my blog on mysore.

Cochin,Munnar,Backwaters,Tekhdey(kerala) :

A beautiful place. I have been to kerala twice and each time my exp was not good on a personel level. But a beautiful place. A true gods own country.


kerala Tea Gardens

So these are the main places I have seen till now apart from the small villages,towns near each of these places..

Now coming to the places i want to see..I want to see the world,all of it. Maybe by the time I grow old, we will have flights to the moon too :).

Check out this blog in a few days, am making a list of the places on earth I want to see ;).


2 Comments Add yours

  1. GVC says:

    Nice description about all the places you have visited. Makes me want to write a blog myself!

    Upload more pics of Paris and all.You told me you visited some other places in France, if I remember correctly. Mari vaati pics upload cheyyalede?

  2. Sai says:

    so, what are the places you will want to visit??..all of the world will take ages :). Nicely written post.

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