Summer Party

Some days are worth to be remembered all your life and the best way is to pen it down in words.

This is one of those days.

A summer party with a football match. Can anything else beat this combination!! Though I never was so much into football, but when I was told I can also play , I so much was looking forward to that. Mr.T gave a few tips and showed how to play the day before to make sure I don’t break my legs in the field as this was my first stint with football.

They were 4 teams with 5-6 people in each team. It was a bit chilly and was slightly raining. Should have been some 13°C or something. They were drummers beating the drums to some African mambo jumbo music to cheer us up. Our referee was dressed up in a hip-hop cool way with a wig, chains and all. I was in the team playing the first match. I put on the team T-Shirt. I was number 8 :).

The first step for the teams was to stand in lines facing each other, sort of introduction before the play. Then the match started. As it was my first time, it was hard for me to think and react on what to do. So I just started running after the ball. The ball went left, I ran left, The ball went right, I ran right. The only thing I knew was to take the ball and move it towards the goal. Thats the only thing I knew about the game. I came to know later that there was so much more about it. It was about blocking the ball from reaching the opponent, tackling, covering the opponent. It was an interesting game to learn. It required strong reflex with strength. Unfortunately my team ended up in the third position.Some of my colleagues came down to cheer for us. There was a sheet/chart saying “Go Siri Go”. No one ever cheered for me in my entire life by holding a chart. It was the sweetest thing one could have done. Touched. Snif..snif.

After playing, falling down, getting wet in the rain, mud all over my dress, I was looking like crap, but I felt wonderfully great. I loved every minute of it.

So now the match was done it was time to party!!. So I got onto my cycle, rode through the beautiful yellow flower fields in the rain, got home, got ready for the summer party in the Restaurant. It was a party with a African buffet and I was soooo hungry. When you are in a new world where you don’t know anyone, your colleagues become your friends. It was looking like a party with my friends in it rather than a office party!!. I got a drink, mingled along, chatting, playing some game which I had no clue about as the questions were in Swedish. But then to play a game you either need to know about the answers or you need to have someone who can help you cheat. I had the second option ;).

Then the dinner was served. I had some nice food the African way. And then came a surprise!!. There were awards being given and I was buzy eating my chicken and then suddenly I hear my name. I got a prize, as for a first timer I played well :). I was the happiest gal in the whole of Sweden. I went down to our cool hip-hop referee who was giving away the prizes. I got a official Swedish football symboled blanket.


After the dinner, got our drinks again 🙂 and then started the music. After such a wonderful day, how can I not dance to end it off. There was a band playing some real nice songs ,and a pleasant surprise was some Bollywood songs were played !! I danced away into the midnight like there was no tomorrow. I dint want the day to end when the clock struck 12 and the party had to end :).

Instead of feeling exhausted with all the playing and dancing, I was actually filled up with some unknown joy. The weekend was a filled with activities in the town like Circus, magic shows, bands playing, dance shows,markets. I got up early the next day and went around to see all of it. I dint want to miss anything :). The day ended up at midnight at an Open Air theater playing “Man On Wire”. Amazing movie. Sometimes such movies bring out that underlying message we sometimes forget by living our life, If you have the passion to live your life, nothing can stop you.

Life is meant to be celebrated, so every moment adds something to this party called life.

So live and move on to the next party.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Yamini says:

    Awesome Siri… I am so glad you had so much fun 🙂

  2. arti says:

    Go Siri Go!!! It is very nice to see how you try out new stuff. Quite inspirational.. 🙂

  3. talkingtota says:

    Miss those days 😦

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