First day @SB

Naya ghar, nayi car, naya biwi..wah sunil babu…remember the asian paints my case only naya job 🙂

I started my new job on sep 9,09.yeah its 9/9/9 :). Technically 4th company but 3rd job.

Got up a bit early.The company stated that it had dress code !!.I never had a dress code, but kya kare naya job. Did the era of jeans end !! So picked up a chudidar, got ready and reported to the office on time .10am sharp.

I was happy that I was going back to begumpet after my stint at hitech city.Hitech city was too far from my home and the drive was tiring daily. So now am happies to be back to my ol’begumpet.

As usual the first day, first task was filling up the forms. Hospitals and first day @office, forms follow you.I guess after a loong time I used a pen to write so much data. Hopefully pen with ink would not vanish in a few years!!

Next I was shown my desk and got introduced to all.I started setting up my computer and the first thing I downloaded was Editplus :). Somehow I like that editor a lot.

It was lunch time by then. There is no canteen here, so back to dabba system. But as it was my first day some guys shared their lunch with me.

Rest of the day passed of in me reading some docs n all.

7pm my day ended. Yeah 10-7 timings are followed.Again a new thing to me.

Overall it was a normal day. Same software, same language only surroundings changed :).

Hopefully the journey would be good. Lets wait and watch. Thats how the game is played.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sai says:

    Hope the new job brings in new learning too. Good luck with the job..

  2. Harinath says:

    Welcome to springboard

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