A butterfly’s story

Let me tell you a story, a story someone told me and which made me realize what is important for one to go on with ones life.

Once upon a time there was a free butterfly who used to fly across the meadows, around the beautiful tulips, ravishing roses. Hopping from flower to flower, garden’s were her playground where she used to soar across the fields with her friends. Her spirit was high , her world was where her wings could take her. One day the butterfly flew into a high cave singing and there she saw a old wise master. The master took the butterfly and saw how pretty, joyful she was. The master held her and said “Oh you beautiful thing, do you know what makes you beautiful. It not your pretty coloured wings but its your spirit. Everyone has a spirit which keeps them alive from inside. Do never loose it my little one” .The butterfly din’t quite understand it but she remembered the words and flew away into the high skies.

One sunny day our butterfly met a big bird. The bird told our beautiful butterfly stories she never heard about. She took our butterfly to higher skies where she never dared to go, from where the world looked like a vast fairytale kingdom. She drank into the finest medows, beautiful flowers and the world just got prettier.

But as time passed by seasons changed, colours changed and our butterfly’s beautiful medows were changing too. She no longer was the beautiful butterfly. Her wings were loosing its colours. The bird no longer wanted to fly with our little one. Our butterfly was left alone in the cold winter skies.

Time passed, leaf’s grew back on the trees, flowers blossomed with their full neactar and our butterfly flew again .She never went into those high skies again but flew across the beautiful streams with their sparkling waters. The summer wind got our butterfly to another bird,a hopping sparrow who was as spirited as our butterfly was. Our butterfly went towards the sparrow hoping she has found her match to fly into the high skies again. They set to fly high but the dark clouds took over the skies pushing our butterfly deep into the forest.

She fought through the seasons, flew through the deep forests. One day she came across the same cave where she visited long back. That time she went there to explore it in a gleeful mood, now she went there lost. The old master was still there. Seeing the butterfly he said “You are back oh spirited one. Many tried to break that, they broke you but the spirit is still the same” .The butterfly never uttered a word, but this one sentence made her realize whatever happens, as long as your spirit is alive in you, one can rise from the deepest of deep valleys into the highest of high skies.

Many of us have seen or heard such stories. But if we take a moment to look into our spirit once in a while, we see the old wise master telling us we are still the beautiful and spirited butterfly inside.


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One Comment Add yours

  1. Mr. Cool says:

    Hello Madam ur scrap / blogs are well written and well composed . I can safely assume you are very well travelled . ur butterfly story is very inspiring and very true. meri best wishes aapke liye hain MAY THE ALMIGHTY SHOWER HIS GTREATEST BLESSINGS ON YOU
    Wish u the very best of luck !!!
    agar aap chahein to you can definitely write back

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