Team Sports Day Outing

It was a day where we jumped, crawled, shot, ran, got muddier..the fun and joy of being outdoors especially to a bunch of owls who spend most of the time indoors with work..

This time we choose Babukhan Sports Arena to have our team sports event..As it was a working day we wrapped up our work and headed out to the venue by evening…

Kind of pooled up for some Chai and Biscoot, haan that is what we call them in Hyderabad!

We pooled up our teams with some funky veggies names aka VankayaVeerulu, PotlakayaPhailvans, DosakayaDheerulu, KakarakayaKathulu..etc…Go Green!

Teaming up for the games

A few started with Paint ball..we are Guerilla warriors..

Paint Ball
Yes! we can shoot

Had a few try their skill at archery..and the arrow never falls into the inner circle!


And then some cricket..

Box Cricket

Sand VolleyBall, Football….


Then was the fun part with some team games…

Sack Run – Phew getting into the sack itself was tough and then run ! And I fell 🙂

Lemon Spoon – Yeah with a spoon and lemon balance and race..i would have won if they would have given me some glue too!

Filling water – Run fill the bottle with water and come back and the next person runs…quite a handfull on running around which was good..

Team Games

Transfer the Balls- Run take the balls and transport them to the other end..

And we run and run

Ok after all the running and panting, it was time to test the strength..Tug of war!…yeah and we pulled, they pulled and we fell end of the game 🙂

Tug of War

After quite some activities…with stomach’s growling it was time to hit the dinner table which was set in a beautiful lit lawn..was a pleasant set up..chicken for hungry souls was a hit..and of course vegetables were served 🙂

Dinner Place
Food Food Food

After a nice heavy lunch and tummy full, it was time for a relaxing game of pool, table tennis,foosball..

And we play Pool here


It was time to end the day and then gear up for work the next day..

Overall a evening well spent and well played !

Finally ! The group

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