My 2009

2009. What an year it has been. My 2009 has been a very diversified year. It’s an year where I came across the ‘new side of life’ . The year started with me moving to a new job right on the 1st Jan. New people, a very different sort of company than my previous one….

Happy 1st Bday Car :)

Happy Birthday..Happy birthday..Happy birthday to you. Happy Birthday..Happy birthday..Happy birthday dear car-poochi..Happy Birthday to you. Hope you have a great year with me and may we travel all the roads together. Get..set..zoooom.. Happy First Birthday 🙂

A butterfly’s story

Let me tell you a story, a story someone told me and which made me realize what is important for one to go on with ones life. Once upon a time there was a free butterfly who used to fly across the meadows, around the beautiful tulips, ravishing roses. Hopping from flower to flower, garden’s…

A day in a house boat @ kerala

Recently a couple of my friends asked me how it was staying in a house boat in Kerala as I have done it once. So thought why not tell everyone on how it is to spend a day there. So putting aside the poetic words, let me give a practical picture of how it is,…

A new Definition to outdoor games

Seeing this image, it reminds me of my 7 year old nephew who is exactly like this. To him playing is video games/computer online games . He knows how to google for new online games and i knew about google when i was 22!! You get him a bat, he gets bored with it in…