Narsapur Forest Trek

If one wants to have a quick getaway for a day from Hyderabad and enjoy some nature, Narsapur forest in Medak district, is one of the places to visit. 50kms drive from the city will take you into the nature’s lap.

It was a trip I was organizing to this forest. We started off early in the morning and reached Bonthapally Temple in a couple of hours.We parked our cars there and started our trek from there. We will have a trail which will lead us into the forest.


After walking on the trail, we deviated from the path and jumped into the forest, following the stream…Following the stream will lead you to a pond which is the end point…

Dry Stream


Walk through tree covered paths


An old wall..


Path’s on and off


A hot day – So many breaks to hydrate


Rocky Stream


Dry Stream


End point – a Pond

narsapur (6)

Overall its a nice place to do a day trek and a good work out.


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Siri Appaneni – Technologist, Adventurist, Avid Traveler, Trekker, Founder of goXp a travel and adventure organization.

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