A trip to my Village

I never really had any connection with a village from my childhood. My parents were city bred and so was me. Except for a few visits from some relatives living in villages, and we passing through some village while driving somewhere, I hardly saw the beauty which lies there.I always wanted to visit and stay at one though.My long pending wish.

So when my mom said that we have to visit a village for some event,I was excited. I am feeling guilty writing this, as the reason for going there was a sad one.But anyways,I was all set to go to my dad’s childhood village.

We decided to drive down as it would save us sometime.So the journey began.

500kms-7 hours-Final Destination was Kammapalem,Cudappah.

The drive was good especially till Kurnool. It was the new express way. So we hit 130kph and zoooom we went.It was a pleasure driving on this road.But once we hit Kurnool, the roads were bumpy. Maybe because of all the floods, the roads were in a pretty bad shape.

By lunch time we crossed Kurnool and stopped at AP tourism restaurant in middle of the hills for grub. It was a nice set up.A resturant in middle of a hill.After some food we were back on the road.

The sun was setting, the fields started showing up.The green paddy fields were like this huge carpet under the sun, acre’s of sunflowers, what a sight it was.I couldn’t resist myself from getting down and taking some pictures even though the road we were travelling in was notorious for robbers.

We passed 3 rivers, Krishna,Godavari and Penna.Its nice to see how much water,soil and sun matter in these villages.

We managed to reach the village just before sunset.It is on the shore of river Penna and next to this huge fort which is now literally a few walls of ruins.It was a small place with hardly 25 houses.Its gets dark soon in the villages and once the sun is down people have got nothing much to do than sit out in front of their houses.Peace is what it is.

The next morning is when I first got a chance to take a look around the village.Ah !! It was beautiful.It was a small place with houses in middle and surrounded by fields and hills. As everyone was buzy I took a walk down into the fields. The water was gushing out of the pump, the breeze was pleasant, the sun was shining. The crop was mostly Paddy, turmeric, mango and some oil seeds.The cattle was grazing at their own leaisure.

A short walk takes you into the River Penna. What a sight that was!! Though the water level was low and it was moslty sand, it was great to walk in middle of the riven with pure and cool water touching your feet.They were small fish,cranes all over the river.I just wanted to stay there collecting shells and never move out.

What a life it would be to sit under those trees, walk in the river, eat what you grow, live according to the sun.

After my little tour I decided to take a walk in the village.It was a really small place and everyone knew us.Not just us they knew my family and my relatives better than me :).I never heard about half of them!! . And almost all the families living there shared our surname.

It was almost noon by the time all my little tour was done.I came back to attend the event, for which we were there in the first place. Had lunch and then decided to start off back to Hyderabad. It was going to be a long drive back.I just wanted to take one last look at the place and quickly escaped again to look at the lovely place.

The drive back to Hyderabad was boring.I dint want to come back :(. They were watermelons all over the place on the way back. So we stopped at a small town in middle and had some of them. By the time we reached Hyderabad it was 11 in the night. What a trip it was.Almost 950 kms in 2 days.

What I liked the most about this trip was the way people live there. The life looks so simple. It like going back in time. Wake up when the sun rises,work hard in the fields,love your land, when the sun sets get back,put a cot in front of the house and sleep under the stars i.e if you dont mind the mosquitoes 😉 .

But one thing which remained in my mind was, that I want to try living that life for sometime. Even if is for a few months, would love to experience it.

Maybe someday 🙂

PS: I just was telling my friends who are too long into software to go and live such a life if they can atleast for sometime.I can visit you guys then when ever i want to run away from the city lights 🙂

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  1. muni says:

    Hi ,
    How r u ?

    Your village photos is good


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