Paradise @ Tea Gardens –Kerala Part 2


Sammy work up hearing someone knocking at the door. “Sush, what are you doing up so early. Is it morning in the first place? “said Sammy opening the door and looking at his watch which was showing 6 am.”  “Sammy, the view and weather is perfect to take a walk down the valley, let’s go. None of the girls want to step out in this freezing cold” said Sush dragging Sammy out.


The tea garden was a heavenly in the morning. The rays were just coming up and trees, streams, sky, valleys were showing some amazing colours.

 Tea garden Path

tea garden trek

tea garden trek2

kerala sunrise

“We trekked a long way down. Look there are some houses down there. Lets check them out.” said Sammy pointing to a small village. There were houses of the tea pickers and workers of the estate. This estate belonged to tata tea. There was a beautiful church in between the tea garden. The sight of the church in such a beautiful peaceful place itself was so divine.



The tea pickers just started their day with their baskets hanging onto their back. “Sammy lets go and take some pics with them” said Sush as they moved into the tea plantations. The path was very narrow and steep. A bunch of tea pickers were having their morning tea. Seeing Sush and Sammy they offered them some. The tea was made of hotwater, sugar and tea leaves boiled together and had a unique taste.






“Let’s go back and catch some breakfast and also checkout if the rest are awake” said Sammy and they started back to the hotel.


“So what are the places around we can see?” Sammy asked the hotel reception guy. “You can go to the Munnar town and from there you can go to echo point, Topstation and wildlife sanctuary. We can call a jeep for you to travel around.” Replied the hotel guy. “Sure, we will start once the jeep arrives” said Sammy.


Munnar town was a small laid back town. The whole town can be seen on foot in 30 mins. As it was a famous tourist destination, we lots of shops selling things like coffee, tea, homemade chocolates, and spices at a very low price.



Echo point was more of a lake with tall tress around. “Madam,shout out your name and listen” said the taxi driver to Sush.The voice travelled across the lake to the trees and came back.Everyone stated shouting, clapping and it was amusing to hear one’s own voice travel and come back.There were some boats to travel around in the lake.




The wildlife sanctuary was more of a huge mountain with wild goats, deer’s around. The whole mountain was to be trekked to reach the top view point which shows the whole of Munnar.

“Those are rubber plantations” said the jeep driver pointing towards huge tress around Munnar.Never knew rubber tress were so tall !!..” Those trees belong to MRF tyres.


Topstation was the border of Kerala and TamilNadu.The view was amazing with mountains all over. One can see the land of Tamilnadu standing in Kerala from here!!. There were locals selling some wild fruits, honey and other stuff from the forests.




elephants on way to echopoint

Exhausted from seeing all the places and trekking, everyone crawled back to the hotel. Dinner was served and everyone retired for the day as tomorrow they had a houseboat to catch where they were going to stay for a day.


Thus the day at Munnar ended with everyone tucked into their warm beds with temp outside set to a freezing <5 deg.

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