Why Indian Police is not on my Fav list


In todays cinemas these’s guys are either shown as villans or commedians. Then I used to think maybe the movie makers are overreacting, but I guess not.

This incident made me change my opinion on them.

This dussera, some no-work-local-tapori-guys of our colony have put up a Durga idol next to my place. One day they decided they will organize a dance competition. It started sometime in the evening and went on. As it is, it is a punishment to listen to all the mass movie songs at the highest volume, these guys started dancing on the road.

10 pm: Its the time at which all loudspeakers and mikes should be shut down. Nothing happens. Those people are just dancing away. I thought lets see till 11pm when the police jeep daily comes on rounds, to check if all the shops are shut down in the colony.

11 pm :The police jeep comes, asks all the shops to close down, gives a glance at these jobless people dancing away to some item song and just go away.No reaction from them.

Thats it.For common people like shopkeepers the police set a rule that no shops are to be open after 11pm and for such local goondas its, have fun and do what ever you want on the road.

11.05: Once the jeep passed, i call up 100 to tell about this. No response. No one picked up the phone. Thats strange, 100 is the police emergency number !!..Then i wait for 5 mins and try calling 100 again ..still no response.

11.15 pm:I call up my local police station which is like 5 mins walk from this place where all this nautanki is happening. The head conestable takes the call. I tell him the situation. He says he will tell the jeep police on rounds.

11.30 pm: No response. I call the police station again and i get a reply back saying, the police on rounds are not answering the phone, so he cant do anything!!
Thats the joke of the day.I started arguing with him saying if it was a real emergency and i was dying will he give a stupid answer, that he cant contact the police in rounds. What kind of communication system are they following. If a bakery guy keeps a shop open beyond 11pm these guys come nicely eat, not pay and then make that guy close the shop and go. But when these local good for nothing guys dance like some monkeys on the road with the highest possible music one can play, he cant do anything.

Thats when I realized how bad our police system is and how inefficiant they are.

I got a bit carried away by his replies and started shouting into the phone and he just hangs up!!

So much for trying to do something.

12 am: The jeep police comes atlast after 1 hour of struggle and asks then to shut down the music.

After all this i just tried dialing 100 to see atleast if now anyone picks up and still no response.

So after my first hand experience with police i realized that,
1. Does 100 work anytime??
2. Why cant we have a IQ test before recruiting a police Man?
3. If these police cannot deal with such small groups on such small issues, are they fit to handle serious issues?

Maybe they are a few policeMen who want to do things, but i guess this organization is so much into corruption and careless attitude that even those good guys are not visible and wasted.

Maybe this thing should be privatized and the money government wastes on theses guys can be paid to hire some private security agencies.

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