Run Girl Run

♪ Put your left leg out ,♫
♫ Put your right leg out, ♪
♪ and move it all along. ♫♫

Running is as simple as that, just keep on repeating the above steps continuously 🙂

It was time to put my legs to some hard work. It was a week of races. Had 2 races in one week. The first one was a 10 kms mixed run and the second one was a 5 kms only girls run.

Växjöloppet 2010 – Race 1 -May 1st, 2010
I was excited about the race, as I was running a 10k run after quite sometime. The celebrations started the night before the race, where there was a parade in the Main street with choir, speeches. The street was filled with people from in and around Vaxjo. Later the crowd moved to the lake to see the amazing display of fireworks. There was a traditional bonfire lit, marking the start of summer and to wade the evil off. It was like new year’s eve :). Nor the chilling cold or the rain could stop anyone, to awe at the fireworks which lit the vaxjo sky like a million sparkling stars.

After the amazing night, it was time to do some running the next day. The race was starting at noon. Me and a few colleagues assembled at the grounds donning our companies T-shirts. The grounds were filled up with stalls, supporters and friends. It was like a picnic in the gardens. A few minutes before the race, 2 girls got up onto the stage and started to dance to some hit numbers and everyone followed. It was kind of warming up before the race started. There were around 2000 people running the race. And then it started.

The first few kilometers were fun, but then once we turned into the woods, it started getting tough. I was getting cold and it started drizzling. I combined my race with walking and running. I was totally exhausted, but then sometimes when you see people cheering for you, that enthusiasm hits you back and you are kind of recharged. It was sweet of some colleagues to turn up in the rain and cheer us up. After managing to crawl down to the last kilometer and I decided to run the whole way till the finish line without stopping. Ah, at the end my eyes were only on the finish line and my mind was chanting ‘Do it, Do it, few more steps, Go, Go’. And then I crossed it. It was bliss. I reached the finish line and I was alive!!! I was so exhausted and my mind was so aimed on crossing the line, that I could not think of anything once I crossed it. Someone gave me my medal on crossing the line and I just dropped onto the grass. This was the first time I felt such deadly exhaustion. I sat there for 10 mins before I could enter the world again. With my first medal in my hand, a smile on my face, I happily hopped away into the cheering crowd.

Vårruset 2010 – Race 2 -May 5th, 2010
After my sting on Saturday, I decided to walk this time. This race was more of a fun event that a race. It was starting at 7 in the evening. There were 7000 women running this race. This was more like a celebration of women. There were women from all age groups. Some where on wheelchairs too. The idea was to have fun covering the whole 5kms. The celebrations at the grounds were more like the first race, but on a larger scale.

The shot was fired and people started running. I ran for the first half kilometer just until the crowd started to disperse and then started to walk. This time I enjoyed the race as it was more fun seeing all the girls, women around you have fun. I was walking with my colleague and it was a peaceful walk around the lake. Young girls, to confident women, to old ladies, everyone was moving. It was a great experience to see so many women experiencing this freedom. There were some men dressed up as women also running 🙂

We crossed the finish line in our own sweet time. I got a medal this time too with a pink ribbon to put it around my neck. After the race we got lots of goodies from food to creams to discount coupons and also a picnic hamper to enjoy it with the other girls. But as it was getting cold, we moved our picnic to one of the girls place nearby. We had a girls party till late in the night. Sometimes It feels sooo good to hang out with girls. We just Rock!!

So after all the running and earning my 2 medals, I was a happy gal.

Mission Accomplished.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Yamini says:

    Awesome girl! I am so proud of you 🙂

  2. Shilpa says:

    Yeah we girls rock 😀
    I still feel running is difficult , i have mostly walked through all my 10k marathons.
    Good , you were able to experiance the high.

  3. Nrupesh says:

    Hey, thats really great !!!!

    I saw the pics posted in the blog. The best pic touched is the one which shows women participants on wheelchair.

    Kudos to them !!!!

  4. talkingtota says:

    Yes Nrupesh. Seeing such things makes one feel that life is what you want to be and not what it throws at you.

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