The beautiful islands of Karlskrona

Islands + camping + sea + pure fun = This trip.

Karlskrona are islands in Baltic Sea near Sweden. They are to the south of Sweden and has the Swedish Coast Guard.

It was a weekend trip to the sea. If I have to show you my trip in words, I can divide the trip into 3 sections, exploring the city, the ‘Sail Day’ and camping.

Karlskrona is a man built city. It was built to make it as sweden’s caplital but then stockholm was given the crown. It is a city with many islands put together with bridges. The islands have beautiful lanes, a big ship yard, the naval museum, old church.

One can see people coming to the main land in their private boats from the remaining islands to do their daily chores. It was a nice sight to see so many different boats like row, motor, sail just passing under the bridges. Somehow reminded of India’s kerala where people use boats to move around the narrow canals.

This city has a naval military base and the sail day is a day when the swedish navy displays their war ships, submarines and they conduct some awareness programs to show the people on how the military operates. The whole port was filled with war ships in all sizes, army showing off their guns with soldiers having their faces covered in paints, sailors exploring the shores and navy guys demoing things like diving.

I went around hopping from ship to ship, seeing the cabins of the sailors, the captins cabin (actually the captain was kind enough to lend us his chair 😉 )

It was a nice experience to see how the military ships look from inside. The highlight was the big submarine. There was as a long line 😦 but was totally worth the wait. Climbed down the ladder down into the submarine and walked through different levels. It was amazing to see how these guys live in such small cabins and narrow halls under the sea.

There was also a speed boat racing competion where the funny shaped boats were speeding away in brute force in the Baltic.

From there, walked to the other island where there was a big 300 meter long shed which is in one of the world heritage buildings. In 18th century the roaps for the ships where made in this hall. People used to hold the roaps and walk backward across the whole hall. The hall was so big that it is said that the amount of walking that was done here, you could have walked around the globe once. It was a strange way to make roaps and was nice to learn something about old times.

Exploring Karlskrona took the whole day and next it was time to go camping. My first camping :)From the time I came into sweden, I wanted to go camping. And Aspo was a perfect place to do that.

It was the biggest island in the bunch of islands. Scantly populated, totally green, surrounded by beautiful sea. Ferry’s run from the main land to Aspo. Some locals suggested a beautiful camping spot called ‘Pear bay’ on the island. The name came from the shape of the shore it was on. Luckly that bay was not occupied by any other campers. It was in the woods with a small clearing near the beach and nearby were some rocks which go into the sea. Never saw any other spot so beautiful and serene. So peaceful that your own voice would disturb the calmness. Except the sounds of the waves hitting the rocks, not another sound till miles and miles away.

It was a few minutes before the sun would set, so the task of putting the tents started. After doing all the alpha-beta-gamma experiments and putting the great minds to work, got the tent standing. What an achievement!!

As the grass was a bit wet, could not put a camp fire, so had some cold food. And then the magic happened. The sun started to set and it was the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. I went onto the rocks which led into the sea away from the land and just sat there for hours watching the sun go down, till it became completly dark. The stillness of the sea, the cool wind, the music of the waves and complete silence was a poerty in itself. Except for the moonlight shining onto the sea and ocaasionally in the deep sea some passing boat, which would look like a spec of light in far distance, no other light to disturb the amazing calmness of the islands.

As the night went deeper, it was time to get into the sleeping bags and seal the tents to keep the warrior mosquitoes away. The next morning, explored the island a bit till the ferry came, ate some wild berries and got back to the main land.

The ferry ride was beautiful with the sea breezing away, the birds on small islands, ducks swimming across. If one wants to go to Poland, there are ferry’s which start from here which are kind of ‘Party Boats’ where one can drink and party the whole time. Info for the party cats 🙂

Came back to the main Land and went around for sometime before saying good bye to the beautiful islands.

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