Children of the forest..

Forests were always a place at peace with its silence..but this trip into the forests and villages of Nalamalla’s had a totally different story to tell. It was a trip where the plan was to go to Kudichintalabayalu a village in the Nalamalla forest, for an inauguration of a school for the tribal children, followed by a trek and to spend sometime in the forest..I must say it was the first time I was going into a village of such a kind and came to see some amazing kids and great volunteers who work for these kids..

A photo walk through of some moments..


The beautiful classroom painted by the volunteers who made such a cheerful place to study for the kids..6PB0fVljUJL2_QaS-IcSbgvmCBVUH5UF9r6M9OvhfH0,j4lWgy60hjpfiZhFJXspSz9CbDEP3RjifASHe_zBjRo


Kids showing us some of the dances..they were so carefree, happy and eager to show us the dances10486517_755247811184761_8256569991371944862_n


The walls were painted with the colorful hand prints of the kids in the village..10550932_755248141184728_8016403129464961257_n


Plants with children’s hand prints..IMG_20140802_153639


A flower of hand prints..IMG-20140804-WA0017


Truly children of the forest..magR6ZIR0T-tRXk4DRWXy04x9T6wf-q8SgOuns6bQRY,CsWh1QUWBoDsdcKDBJ60XC3hjbBYlE6ayLGHpES7Ak4


Kids with their colorful hands…10583996_755247901184752_99084348934742017_n


A trek through the forest..IMG-20140804-WA0018


Green’s as long as we can see..IMG-20140804-WA0019


Into the green forest.. F--5MlNwLEUIFNQSrmDRB7Bmw_yGeLa_acEBbvx5EIs




One guy whom I simply loved..was in his own small world playing with his tyre and a stick all day..zii4j5sL6G0_vgUAYH1TwHvZF9JEt6P4qqoa_ECYFY0,hsTMJa3UQB1TUnPo-83MxAneoWm7rxF_Wlp9aeBscFM

Thanks to Bodhaka for this..


Some songs by the kids..



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