Kalsubai -Trek to the highest Peak of Maharastra


Climb the mountain so you can see the world,

not so the world can see you….

That one moment to stand on top of a mountain and to see the world float by along the clouds….and a smile curves along..

It was time to climb Kalsubai , the highest peak of Maharastra which stands at a height of 5500ft.  10 of us started off from Hyderabad on a journey into the beautiful Sahyadris. The plan was to take a train to Manmad from Hyderabad and then to Igatpuri.


Had some breakfast at Igatpuri Maharastra style with some Vada-Pav and Poha. After some breakfast and tea, we started off to Ghoti which was our next destination.


We need to take an auto to Ghoti and then a jeep to Bari. The jeep dropped us off at the road near Bari from which we started our walk to the village of Bari which is the base village of Kalsubai.


Bari is a small village where we can get some food to pack to take it up. Else if you are willing to pay a bit extra they deliver the food at the peak as well, as the villagers are used to going to the peak to visit the Kalsubai temple there.


It was almost noon by the time we started off out trek. The path was to pass though the fields of the village and go till the base of the mountain.


We have to pass the small stream which flows at the back of the village which will lead us to a path to go up..


And then we climbed…


One good thing about mountains especially in Maharastra is that, you will find dogs on the way which will follow you till your destination, sometimes show you the path when you are not sure. All they need is a bit of attention, some food, some love and they become your guide for the rest of the trips. Love them!Kasubai-007

This old woman was on the way selling lemon water. Just some water mixed with sugar and a drop of lemon juice and we drank like it was some amrut..The thirst..



Had some wild berries on the way..


And we climbed some more..One great thing about this mountain is as you go higher, the mountain gets filled with wild flowers. The path becomes so beautiful that it feels like you are in a heap of flowers. Such a beautiful sight it was walking through the flowers..


Flowers as far as your eyes can take you..


And we walked through those yellow flowers..


As we climbed up the green mountains rain starts, clouds began to surround us, mist followed..It was getting dark, but our peak was waiting for us..so we climbed on…


Sometimes clouds clear giving some beautiful views..


And finally we see our peak with a flag post…we were almost there..


And we reached the top before the sunset. The last bit has a iron ladder to reach the peak. It was raining, freezing cold, exhausted bodies..But that heart filled happiness, once you reach the peak and see the world flow by makes every nano-second we have spent worth it. We on the very tip of the peak with all smiles 🙂


The view from the peak of Kalsubai. Such a beauty these mountains hold with their misty blanket, green slopes..we were lucky to catch the sunset with its golden rays falling on these mountains. It was one of the best sunsets I have ever seen and never did I see mountains shine in the golden rays as here.


We stayed there until we could take in all its beauty and before we freeze ourself we started to get down. Just a few meters down, there are a couple of huts where one can stay get some food like pakoda, poha, tea and fire to keep you warm.  These guys basically stay on the peak for the temple. We got our food delivered from the village though. We decided to stay in one of those huts. There is a well to provide water supply.

One best part of sleeping on the top is the view of the night sky ..The sky was filled with so many stars that there was no place in the sky where there was no sparkle..Never ever in my life did I see so many stars and it was my best part of my trip..But as it was freezing cold, could not stand out for more than a few minutes..

What a night it was, we were freezing in our bones…Even though I have lived in some coldest countries in the world, this chill was a unique experience. Literally had to wear every piece of clothing I had in my bag, put extra socks on my hands, get into the sleeping bag and still feel the cold chill. I guess all night I was waiting for the sunrise to come up..


And then as the first ray of the sun came out, we started our journey back to the base. It was a beautiful sunrise at an altitude of 5,400 ft.


Coming down was a bit slippery as it rained all night. .we had a few falls 🙂 Kasubai-024

And finally we reached the base again with the hot sun shining happily on us..after that chill, sun was very much needed..


There is a small stream at the bottom to take a bath..but as we had a train to catch we had to rush out..


Finally we reached Bari again, took a jeep to Kasara from where we can take a train to Kalyan to board our train back to Hyderabad. It was one of my best trips and made me fall in love with the high peaks..


Finally Maharastra’s highest peak Kalsubai off the list 🙂

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  1. saira777 says:

    I’d never heard of this place before – definitely on my list now!

  2. boom says:

    what time of the year did you visit?

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