White water rafting, Adventure sports @ Dandeli

.River Kali…angry Rapids…you in a boat with life jacket… hanging to the rope with the paddle in your hand..rafting in the waves and rapids at Dandeli was an amazing experience in itself..the rush and excitment it gives when you are going totally under a wave and water is onto you is awesome.

It was a weekend trip I was organizing with GHAC to Dandeli to do white water rafting and some adventure sports. We started from Hyderabad to Hubli and then from there to Dandeli was a 2 hour ride through the forest in a jeep. Dandeli is filled with resorts and farms where one can stay and we choose a nice homely Stanly’s farm.



We freshened up, had some breakfast and started off to do our first adventure activity which is Zipliningand River crossing. Ziplining here was they push you hanging onto a rope from an altitude towards the bottom into the stream..it was quick as the path was small, but amazing when you are flying in the air and into the water.






We did some River crossing when one has to hold a rope invertedly and cross the river..ouch that hurt, but was nice to try your arms strength…once into the water, we played there for a couple of hours, did some Tarzan jumps..was fun..





Next it was rafting time..yipee!! People flock Dandeli to do Rafting. But due to limited boats and timings set by the forest department, one has to go early to register a spot. So we got into our jeep and away we went to the river. There must be some 100 folks to do Rafting and we were divided into 8 per raft.




Our Guide gave us our gear i.e helmet, lifejacket and an paddle. We then got into our boat and we were given lessons on rowing as we will manage our boat along with our guide, understanding different instructions..etc. Then our guide asked us all to jump into the river..eh?? Yeah he was like we need to train you what to do if you fell into the water as well..nice..so we all jumped and I cannot swim, but the life jacket floated me up and I was happily floating on the water..was indeed fun 🙂 ..I jumped again and again..see more training 😀

The rafting path was an 9kms path in the river…We then went into some rapids/waves and it was amazing…you are totally under the wave with water totally around you..





After 3 hours of rafting we were all super duper hyped up and then it was time to return to our camp…we freshened up, had food and did a small night walk in the moonlight…we ended up the day with a campfire and some games…



Next morning we got up before sunrise as we had to go to the rappelling spot by the time sunrise happens..we did a small hike through the forest to reach the hill(120ft) from where we were to do some rappelling…




Adventure along the sunrise in serenity…


We finished it off in a few hours and then went to eat some local dosas for breakfast…hungry hungry tummies…then it was time to do a forest trek to Supra dam. It was an hours trek through the forest to reach the water..some folks did some swimming..the sun was starting to hit us hard..




We later went back to the river and did some kayaking and something called River Jacuzzi where they take you to the middle of the river and make you sit in those rapids. You sit in the gushing water holding the rocks, leave the rocks and you would be swept away. Was superly amazing.




After all the activities, it was time to say bye bye to Dandeli and got back to Hubli just in time to catch our bus back to Hyderabad. Was a great trip and do it once, you will fall in love with white water rafting…looking forward to my next rafting trip already in some bigger waves already 🙂



ps: GHAC conducts rafting event regularly and members can join the club to attend the events.



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  1. iamsharath says:

    indeed it was a great trip! first rafting experience was awesome!! no words 🙂 more trips like this..

  2. I love to ride again to Dandeli Resorts, Adventure i where very happy first rafting at dandeli.

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