Mud Run – Hyderabad 2012

Running…crawling…jumping…climbing…balancing…maddening…all together rolled up into one thing which was ‘GHAC Hyderabad Mud Run 2012‘. 5kms running through the slushy mud, crawling into the mud pools, jumping into the mud ditches and all the way grinning like muddy fools when the onlookers were wondering what the crazy people were upto…he he

It was a 1.7kms track filled with mud pits, pools, ropes, ponds, sticks which was made with some 15 obstacles one has to cross and this was to be done thrice..

1: We started off with the mud pits where we had to jump into some pits and climb back up.DSC02173

2: Had to crawl in a muddy water pit. One has to crawl under the ropes so that you go low, but I think it was so that one will not escape from the middle 😛
3: Was to catch the rope and swing across the mud pit…whaooo…ehaoo..I am the Tarzan..

4: Was to crawl or roll under the ropes and hit a minimum of 5 bells tied on each side.
5:  Then we had to pick up some rocks which we have to take till the next few stages and walk on the poles…I can balance 🙂

6: The yukky one…one had to crawl under the sheet..sounds easy huh…there was thick slushy mud pool under it and one’s head literally goes into the mud..I think i might have eaten some too..

7: One more zig zag crawling in the pool of muddy water…I am a water crocodile..zig zag..

8: Next one was and jump into the water pond …splash splash….and then crawl through the bushes to get out.

9: One more walking on the wobbly gobbly poles…Ms.Cat walker

10: Then crossing the pond. Actually someone told me this was the place where the village buffaloes take a dip and believe me this was the cleanest water of all :)…Ms.Water buffalo jalaka laadings 😉

11: Then we had to drop our rocks and then climb a small hill kind of structure made of poles..

12: Then some more crawling and scratching as it was crawling on dry land…ouch ouch…

13: The idea is to get through the maze of ropes without touching them. Looked like we were trying to rob a bank vault which had all lazer beams and we were trying to cross them…bank robbers istyle…

14: Some brave hearts ran between the fires…gulp luckily by the time my chance came the fire was out.
15: Phew, then came the toughest one…a big mud pool which we have to swim across 3 times..The mud was the thickest and to keep you deep in the mud, it was covered with sheets so that you stay in and do not get up once you get in…once out, every micro cell of your body is dipped in mud and we look like one big chocolate stick 🙂

16: Then the final one which is the slide…down on belly into the mud pool…zoooooommmm…make way…splash…


And all this had to be done thrice and we did it…amazing fun, something which i will remember for a long long time…At the end I looked like one big happy muddy piggy girl, but loved every moment of the run.




3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ludwig says:

    Super stuff! Mud is king!

  2. talkingtota says:

    Yes it was and was awesome 🙂

  3. ivan catlett says:

    Yeah mud is king! That course looks fun.

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