Women living alone in India – Is it weird?

After reading a blog recently where a man wrote on how living alone in India is for him, I started thinking on how it is for a woman, now that I am doing it.

The first time it hit me was when I was searching for a new apartment to buy and used to visit all these construction offices.  Seeing a single women in her twenties, looking for an apartment, somehow I did not make a serious case for a sales person. They used to give me the details, but then in the end would be a tag line saying “would sir be coming?” or “Madam, who is the decision maker?”. The same attitude went on when I went to make big purchases. The kind of resistance I saw in these people made me wonder, am I a bit advanced for this society?

It might be the new style of living that people are yet to catch up on in India, especially to see a women living alone. Various questions are thrown at you directly or indirectly saying “what is wrong with her?” or “ah she is too headstrong and independent” or “she is too easy!!”. And somehow it amuses me when people ask me “Why dont you get married?”.  We are so defined by the way one should live, irrespective of who that person is, that its interesting to see how things happen when you step out of that vicious circle.

Are your parents away – No they are just a few miles away.
Are you too independent – No very much depend on my family and friends for support in various way.
Are you against Marriage? – A big No!! It will happen, when I find someone suitable.
Are you a loner – No! I have a big circle of friends and we rock!
Are you crazy in your head – No. My amazing payslip says not 😉
But still you live alone – Yes.

For me after travelling around and living out of India somewhere I found “Inner peace” as Master Shifu says in choosing the life I want to live, so I choose to be.  Maybe its not the way it used to be, but then now a days I see lot of women choosing to live alone especially in bigger cities.  It might sound fancy to some,  wired to some,  crazy to some, but guys beat it, thats the way it is 🙂 .




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