Adios 2011

2011 …an year which made me stronger in life…

It was an year which took many turns. It tried to break me, lure me, insult me, praise me, backstab me , love me …but in the end it just made me come out stronger without breaking me…

It took me to new places like Newyork, Boston, Rhode Island…just felt like a free bird flying. Simply loved it. Experienced Irene first hand near the sea and an earthquake!! Saw some amazing sites. Made some new friends around the world who just became so dear.  Also realized who my true friends are, who stood by me through the lowest lows of life.

Work was simply amazing..experienced new highs and made me realize why I still want to do what I do. In fact owe a lot to redbull for those late nights at work 🙂

But unfortunately for the first time in my 7 years of work experience, I hated the way my career was progressing…learnt it in a hard way that hard work is not just enough to grow ,one needs to be selfish as well, to expect correct returns. Lesson learnt.

This year also bought me my new house .. It took lot of hard work from searching for the right place, getting the interiors done, carpenters, workers, all those endless trips around shops (now a days all business wale in begum bazar and gosha mahal recognize me from those endless trips and call me siri madam..he he)..So next year is to enjoy the new living..

How can I not mention my new iPad which I got this year …I read, write, browse, work, listen, see movies, play games…its simply everything…my sweetie pie..

So basically if I look back it was not a bad year, compared to my previous ones..I was free again…It was sad in some ways but it was good in other…

When a friend asked me jokingly what my new year resolutions are I gave it a serious life was in a mode where it was time to take some new decisions…so this year was totally dedicated to make my life better and get it rolling and rocking again 🙂

Happy new year.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ludwig says:

    Break a leg, Siri madam! Happy 2012!!

  2. talkingtota says:

    Why do I get a feeling that this Ludwig is the ‘ditcher’ commenting 😉 ?

  3. Ludwig says:

    > Why do I get a feeling that this Ludwig is the ‘ditcher’ commenting ?

    Because you’re a Genius Tota! 😛

  4. talkingtota says:

    I do know that :p

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