We did it

Hurricanes, earthquakes, crazy working hours, mind boggling stress sometimes.. I Was leaving all this behind and going back….so I should be happy..but I am not. As I am sitting in this nice limo to Boston to board my flight to go on a vacation, I feel sad with a heavy heart…

I feel sad that I am going away from the people with whom I shared a hell..and we bonded.

I feel sad leaving the long hours we all spent with only one aim to make this happen…and we did it.

I feel sad leaving the room where we all used to sit around one table and plan things…and the plan worked.

I feel sad leaving the hotel which was my home for six weeks…and I still love it.

I feel sad leaving the same lunch we used to eat everyday our best intern used to order and pull his leg, the red bulls we all drank to stay focused…

What started two years ago is now breathing and what a journey it was. Seven years I have worked on various projects, but nothing beats this.

When we started writing the first line of code in 2009 Dec, it was just the beginning. I still remember reading the srs and looking around to see what the hell it was about and what do I develop. Used to ping Mr.L all the time and scare him with non stop questions, that at one point I was warned not to ask questions anymore 🙂

Summer is the best time as one says, but then two straight summers we worked without vacation when everyone was off. The responsibility started kicking in. Our mind was challenged. With deadlines coming near by, end of 2010 every thing was running..

Teams were made, teams were broken, people joined, people left, requirements were made, deleted, people fighted, people patched up….but never did we stop running..

2011 we were almost there…summer, no resources, no one to turn to, still the work should go on. 2011 july was the worse. We worked when there was energy left in our mind, when exhausted we slept, and then we got up and we worked…people fell sick, but they worked…….should see Mr.J’s desk, full of pills..eat,work,sleep,work,drink,work..that’s it. Learnt a lot of new words with $&@** special characters in it ;)…such were the tempers…

But then came august when we were taking it to live and the excitement was in the air. Everyone was curious and all eyes on us to see if we can make it!! And then it did. Its not the code which was looked upon, not the users,but the team which did this was the real winner. From the very beginning till the end, the journey was the winner.

So now as I go to board my flight to go on a vacation i miss my friends, yes friends not colleagues for you are the best!!!

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  1. --Secret-- says:

    Yay, first!

    To concur – yes we did! It was a team success :). Everybody worked as hard as he could :).

    PS. I’ve been to Providence Mall and ordered Chicken Vindaloo at an Indian restaurant. The guy who accepted my order warned me that the dish is very spicy (I’ve noticed that he was hesitant to give me the food). Of course – the food never even touched the spicyness of the dish at Thai Orchid. It was nice and tasted good. I got it with a green pea in some kind of broth (don’t remember what they called it, but it had an interesting taste).

    PS2. For some of us the hours were a little more intense/extreme ;), but It’s nothing compared to my previous jobs :D.

  2. talkingtota says:

    Mr.Secret…yes it was a exciting project indeed.

    We should tie up with Thai orchid instead of panera 🙂

  3. talkingtota says:

    My 50th blog…and what a topic 🙂

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