Boston – I remember reading about Boston Tea Party in History class at school but then I did get any tea in boston 😦 …huh…what!!…my joke sucks.

Had a weekend to spend in Boston. Each city according to me,  tells something, and Boston felt like a city which inspires you with top law firms,  companies,  famous schools like Harvard,  MIT.  So going there was exciting, especially was looking forward to go to all “the” schools.

The first stop was the Aquarium.  It is one of the top tourist attractions in Boston, with over 1.3 million visitors a year.  It houses various kinds of sea life from sharks to turtles to acquatic plans to exotic fish.  Imagine a 3 floored fish tank with all fish swimming around you.  It’s nice if you like fish.. aaa ..I mean to watch not to eat.  There are touch tanks, where you can go and touch small sharks and rays as they swim gracefully through the clear water.  Its a nice place to go if there are kids around.

The place where the aquarium was situated is kind of a big tourist square. Lot of tour’s operate from this square which take you on bus rides around Boston.  There is a old market called Quincy Market if you want to shop. Unfortunately it was a freaking hot day and I was exhausted from the heat.

Rest of Boston looked like any other city,  buildings,  roads,  subway. Did not find anything new.

Boston is well connected through rail,  both inter city and from outside.  So that is the best way to travel around.  So next day took a day pass and started of to Cambridge.  That place hosts 2 of the top most universities Harvard and MIT. Somehow I like universities, gives a good feeling to go back into the world of books, classes and students.

Harvard had an old architecture.  All buildings in brick tells about its heritage. The campus was like a grand old gentleman.  Took a walk around the campus.  GMAT 700+  might get me there..sigh!

Next stop was MIT.  It was a total contrast to Harvard.  More modern and chic like a lady on ramp.  The buildings were nice to see with their innovative architecture. There are free guided walking tours in both these universities for tourists everyday if one wants to see the whole campus.

It was raining and was getting a bit cold and I had a few more hours to kill.  As I had a day pass, I decided to do some train rides.  Picked up stations from the map randomly and chased them.  Its nice to travel coloured lines and intersections. Get in some train at random, get out at a station which ever name sounds interesting, go out onto the street,  look around and then hop onto next station. You should try it sometime, sounds boring but I think that was the best part of the day.

So that’s the Boston I saw.

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