‘I’ got a ‘pad’

After toggling between ipad2 and galaxy tab, thought its time I take a decision and finally went and got my first tablet, an Ipad2.

Though I am a follower of android, galaxy tab lacked 3g which I felt has become a basic feature for tablets these days and also apple comes with a brand value for the same price.

So went into the nearest apple store in Providence,RI and got one finally. When I asked the store guy to open the box for me and show me the basics, he did not want to open the box. He said many people feel emotional when they get one and want to be the first one to touch the ipad themselves!!!. So he said they let their customers open the box and take the ipad out. Though I was not that emotional, why break that poor guys heart who had such strong feeling for his product.

Looks good as of now. Have to see if its actually worth it 🙂 .

Ended the day with a toast of saki to my ipad

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