How can I be in Sweden and not try Snus!!

So today I tried tobacco for the first time. Suns is a powder tobacco which can be taken in many ways, but the popular way in sweden seems to be placing it under the upper lip and let it be there.

So after seeing my colleague eat it all the time and who said it should have been a part of my training when I started at the new office in Sweden, thought its time for me to try it out too. Started with a small bag. First it was ok but once I started feeling the taste, I started feeling dizzy!! . It was strong. Never thought tobacco can give that effect. But then after sometime it was really getting dizzy, so did not want to take it longer and had to take it out. What ever I do, I always want to be In control of myself and this was getting too dizzy 😦

Result :It was ok, but not sure I want to have it again :(. Sorry Snus, you are not meant for me.

More info on Suns:


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  1. Snus Girl says:

    Totally understand! Some snuskinds are way to strong for me and I am used to smoking cigarettes! I’m trying to quit smoking with snus right now, but I use snus with less nicotine now 🙂

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